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Increasing numbers of people are seeking to create a new life in a new environment away from the rapidly escalating cost of living and increasingly onerous regimes that dominate and control so called Western culture and lifestyles today.

Many people and families are hard pressed to maintain a decent quality of life in their native countries and are increasingly under more and more pressures simply to survive and stay out of the threatening debt spiral that looms large over everyday life, often creating an intolerable living environment.

You can argue about who and what is to blame but you cannot escape from the fact that we are where we are and there is nothing we can do to change this – except by remaining a free spirit and maintaining a sense of adventure with a willingness to explore the potential that a new and emerging country might offer.

Over the years, Americans particularly, have moved South – first to Mexico, then to Costa Rica, then on to Panama and now, Ecuador is seeing the influx and indeed is welcoming the increasing numbers of ex-pats who are seeking to improve their lifestyle and make the most out of their hard-earned retirement income.

As people retire younger and live longer, it is certainly also true that most cannot afford to maintain their working standard of living , on their mostly meagre and inadequate pensions. 

Cuenca Domed Cathedral

Catedral Immaculata de Concepcion – Cuenca

All this is complemented by a largely unpopulated pacific coast line dotted with incredible white sand beaches stretching from the rapidly growing resort of Salinas in the south with its white painted towers to the distinctly Caribbean flavoured and unspoilt villages and towns in the north around Esmereldas.

Here life is exactly the same as it has always been and if you want to go back in time to when life seemed simple and fun, then here is where you can live all your yesterdays and whilst you are doing that, buy land and property at rock bottom prices.  

In between are the bubbling beach towns of Olon and Montanita which is now the favourite destination for the hordes of young back-packers that descend upon the town in ever increasing numbers to savour the surf and low cost environment.  Here is where you can still get a room for a night for $10 and a Creviche lunch for $2.

The rapidly expanding hectic port of Manta with its oil and tuna industries and a major airport extension underway, and the lovely white city of Bahia de Caraquez are also in this beautiful area which is certain to increase in importance from both business and living perspectives. Bahia has been made much more accessible by the building of a new bridge across the Rio Chone estuary which was completed in November 2010. 

New bridge at Bahia

New bridge at Bahia

This major and significant achievement crosses to San Vicente in 10 minutes and now provides quick  and easy access to the northern Provinces and Esmereldas, thus opening up a vast new area that is certain to expand quickly. For sure you can expect property prices to escalate in this region with Bahia particularly positioned to achieve rapid growth and establish itself as the new capital of the northern pacific region.  

By living in Ecuador, you’ll be able to enjoy a quality of life that’s hard to beat anywhere else in the world. If you like the outdoors, dream of owning a Spanish colonial home in a colonial city, or want to spend hours strolling on an undeveloped beach, then living in Ecuador may just be for you.


The lovely White city of Bahia de Caraquez

The lack of extreme weather conditions means that in many places you can live without the need for heat in the winter or air-conditioning in the summer. 

You benefit from a continual growing season with 3 to 4 crops per year so that everything is always fresh and available without a plastic bag in sight and at minimal prices. You might even begin to believe that this could be the real paradise of your dreams!

The high Andes towns and cities offer pleasant liveable climates with no extremes; fresh clean exhilarating mountain air and a plentiful supply of fresh mountain river water packed with beneficial minerals akin to the best thermal and spa locations anywhere. Cuenca is rightly proud of its water quality which you can drink without any fear of unpleasant consequences unlike many Countries. Another major benefit is the near total absence of flying bugs and mosquitoes that just do not thrive in these  balmy conditions. A most pleasant experience indeed.

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